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beppe giuliani

Beppe Giuliani is born the 11. april 1946 in Villadose, whose name has a Venetian origin (it means villa of the Doge , the ancient Venetian mayor). The town is near to Rovigo and to Venice in the region called Polesine, where the rivers Po and Adige flow into the Adriatic sea.

He lives in Villadose until his 12. year; due to his school education afterwards he will move in Padova, Trento and then again Rovigo until 1968, when he decides to move in Milano where he fully lives the social and artistic movements of that period. He shapes his talent at the European Graphic School, positioned in the centre of the town. During this period he designs and put his signature on various advertised products (still available now in the market).

He makes experience in the field of theatre, stripes, cartoons and cinema, which will give tridimensionality and mobility to his first works.

1975 Beppe Giuliani moves to Venice and begins to cooperate with an important art gallery in S. Marco Square, from where his works will start to move to the most important world capitals. Magazines like VOGUE, CASA OGGI, 99 IDEE CASA, PROFIL, etc. will dedicate various articles to his works, granting him an important visibility.

1991he chooses the mountains in South Tyrol (40 km from Bolzano) as residence for his family and his artistic inspiration. He still lives and successfully works there.